We make it easy for business owners to reach an affluent, motivated audience. Use one of our free platforms to post some “spare” experiences, and you will automatically promote your business and generate incremental revenue. Plus, you’ll be helping some great causes! We do all the work to verify each nonprofit’s 501(c) IRS status, and we guarantee that your business will be promoted exactly the way you want it to be. This is an easy, automated way for business owners to handle donation requests, build their “brand halo”, save time and generate meaningful revenue.

For vacation providers (vacation rental managers, hotels, bed & breakfasts, resorts) our flagship service converts spare slow period getaways into added incremental income and generates meaningful donations for nonprofits. This is an ideal way for vacation providers to extend their normal booking seasons and fill last-minute vacancies. Learn more about our OneSpareVacation platform.

For golf course managers our unique platform handles all requests from nonprofits while helping sell more golf outings and memberships for participating golf courses. A full database of 13,000 golf courses in the US has been pre-populated, so any golf course manager can create their account in less than 5 minutes. Participating golf courses also enjoy a free listing on BestOutings.com, a website that helps golf event planners find the perfect golf course for their golf outing. Learn more about our OneSpareTeeTime platform.

For golf resorts and destinations our platform provides a great way to sell shoulder season and last-minute stay & play packages and to promote their golf resort to motivated audience of affluent supporters of nonprofits (many of whom are golfers who love to travel). Learn more about our OneSpareGolfVacation platform.

For cruise operators that want to promote their brand and move the needle filling empty cabins while maintaining rate integrity, OneSpareCruise is an ideal solution. Learn more about our OneSpareCruise platform.

For instructors (golf, music, fitness, sports, etc) our unique platform handles all donation requests from nonprofits and ensures that instructors receive the promotion they deserve for donating their time to support great causes. This helps generate new long term clients. Learn more about our OneSpareLesson platform.

For retailers and restaurants we’ve developed technology that interfaces directly with a major gift card provider to automate the process of promoting your brand, helping local nonprofits and supporting the local community while building your “brand halo”. Learn more about our OneSpareGiftCard platform.