Promote your business. Increase your revenue. Use our free solution.

Golf courses save time plus sell more outings and memberships

Cruise lines fill empty cabins to generate incremental revenue

Instructors save time and add new clients

Vacation providers extend their booking seasons and fill slow periods

Golf resorts sell slow season stay and play packages

...and they all help great causes

No more struggling to handle requests

Turn charitable donation requests into revenue that "moves the needle". Promote your business to an extremely affluent audience. Our free platform leverages the promotional power of nonprofits to fill slow periods and vacancies while maintaining rate integrity. Our solution is ideal for vacation providers, golf courses and resorts, cruise lines, retailers, restaurants, and instructors. We gather all of these fun experiences and we ensure that valid nonprofits have all of the best promotional tools to promote your business.

We Handle Everything

You’re in full control. You decide exactly what is promoted. You enjoy extensive tracking and reporting. You’ll now have an extremely efficient and profitable way to respond to requests from charitable organizations. You’ll be able to leverage the amazing promotional power of black tie fundraisers and thousands of private label websites to boost your brand halo and generate incremental revenue during your slow periods. Promote your brand to an affluent audience and move the needle.

Unmatched Promotion and Distribution.

Access our network of thousands of nonprofits supporting private schools, major universities, research institutes, museums, environmental, health and human services, youth development, alumni associations, and more. We verify each nonprofit's 501(c) IRS status when nonprofits apply for their accounts. You’ll enjoy automated promotion to your ideal audience. You’ve just discovered an efficient way to build your "brand halo" and generate incremental revenue. See the "OneSpare Advantage".

Thousands of Black Tie Galas

  • Your video or slideshow on the big screen
  • Demand created by the "cause"
  • Auctioneer delivers your message
  • Significant lead generation opportunity
  • An ideal audience for your experiences

No Obligation, No Cost.

Use slow periods and vacancies to
promote your brand and generate revenue!

Promote Your Business

Your business is automatically promoted at fundraising events. We provide them with a full color flyer featuring photos, your logo, and company details. You'll control exactly how they promote your business to their supporters.

Save Time / Save Money

Fully automated. You decide how many certificates per year that you would like to issue. You decide on certificate details and restrictions, and we handle the rest. When a charity asks you for a donation, you now have an easy answer for them. No more spending time preparing expensive promotional packages or printing certificates.

Increase Revenue

Set up your certificates so that they automatically fill slow periods (that would ordinarily go unfilled). You can specify specific periods and you can collect a meaningful portion of the revenue if you choose to do so. You’re in full control.