OneSpare gives business owners an easy way to handle charitable donation requests and efficiently connect with nonprofits. These organizations are happy to promote generous businesses to their supporters. Thanks to OneSpare, business owners save countless hours and all the headaches associated with responding to donation requests. Best of all, donation requests can now create revenue and new clients.

How it all started

Back in 2011, founder, Mike Last, was starting to build a company to convert vacations into donation. He would often ask vacation homeowners: "Do you have one spare week that you could donate?" Surprisingly, most had plenty of spare weeks that were available, and Last knew from personal experience that donation requests can be a sizable headache.

And with that, OneSpare was born to aggregate vacations that could be converted into donations. Significant resources have been allocated to create an ideal platform for vacation providers (and much more).

OneSpare over the years

It became clear that vacations were not the only "hot items" at nonprofit galas so OneSpare began to add golf foursomes, cruises, guitar lessons, wine samplings and all sorts of fun experiences. Today, we are proud to say that we’ve aggregated nearly $100M in fun experiences!

It was also widely recognized that generous businesses were hounded (often several times per day) by nonprofits seeking donations. Before OneSpare, most business owners struggled to manage the barrage of donation requests since each represented sizable effort and headaches. The process of deciding which organizations to support, verifying that the request came from legitimate a 501(c) organization, gathering promotional materials, and struggling to track redemptions, (you know the drill).

Thanks to OneSpare, responding to a donation request is now as simple as saying, "We’d love to help your organization! Request a donation on our website and we can get you our promotional materials". The OneSpare team verifies IRS (501(c)) status and ensures that each qualified nonprofit is provided with photos, details, videos and all that they need to promote the fun experience (golf, vacation, cruise, lesson, gift card, etc).

OneSpare ensures that integrity is maintained, and participating providers automatically receive valuable contact information for the event organizers and certificate holders. This is valuable for follow-up sales campaigns.

OneSpare keeps you in control; you decide how many qualified nonprofit organizations you’d like to support. OneSpare leverages the promotional power of nonprofit fundraising events, builds your "brand halo", saves time and generates meaningful incremental revenue.